Here is The Solution For What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Fruits are not just a healthy addition to your furry’s diet but are also a delicious treat that they would love. One of the human foods that you can safely share with your furry, fruits will give them the same benefit that they give to you. Besides providing digestive support, adding an extra dose of vitamins and minerals, fruits are also great antioxidants, immunity boosters, awesome for the eyes and fur and so much more.

Every fruit has something good to offer and as one of the leading fresh food suppliers for dogs in Delhi, we know that adding a variety of fruits as treats to their diet is a great idea.

Tips For Feeding Fruits To Your Dog:

1. Try to introduce fruits at an early stage in your pup’s life. This will make them more acceptable for the different taste and texture of the fruits.
2. Always give in moderation as treats and rewards. Even though fruits are great for your furry but they are not free of calories.
3. When introducing a new fruit, give a gap of a few days before feeding again to make sure that there is no allergic reaction or intestinal discomfort.
4. Fruits cannot replace the regular meal of your dog and are only a go-between human food for them. Continue with your FurrMeals Home Cooked Meal plan and keep fruits as treats.
5. Remove the seed and sharp skins of fruits before feeding.
6. Always check with your vet before introducing a fruit.
7. Not all dogs may like the taste of raw fruits. In which case try mashing it into their food or mix it to make Homemade Treats.
8. Use a variety of fruits instead of sticking to the same fruit every time.

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