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Raw Food VS FurrMeals home-cooked pet food

For a while, we’ve known in Furrmeals Home Cooked Food For Dogs that whole foods made with ingredients could be better compared to processed kibble in digestibility grade and bioavailability. Recent scientific research now appears to support this assessment. A number of our customers ask us about we prefer to cook our meals, and the gap between us and raw since raw diets are sometimes marketed as frozen or fresh.

Furrmeals Healthy Dog Food supplier in Delhi makes its nourishment decisions based on a commitment to quality control and superior ingredients, as well as study. When all these factors are considered together, it is apparent that balanced, fresh ready, softly cooked entire food is simply the best option for our mission to make the pet food potential.

Definition of Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food diets include a combination of meat from poultry used for meals, fish, or animals. When commercially made, these diets are usually made using ingredients which are not certified fit for humans, which means they could include rejected carcasses or treated animals (ie: dead on the farm, sick, or removed from the human food chain). You could be surprised to find out that even the most well-known brands, which call themselves”premium” engage in these practices. Some producers will conceal the fact their meat isn’t fit for humans and state. none of these statements mean certified meat, so beware of these claims. These ingredients usually include flesh (muscle), inner organs, mixed body parts, and bones. They may also incorporate raw eggs or milk.

FurrMeals Healthy Dog Food supplier in Delhi uses only fresh meat for human consumption since it goes through rigorous tests of quality management at several levels, and lead to cuts of meat commonly found within our plates; thus raw preparations, as explained above, are not sensible in our kitchens.

Digestibility Research of Raw Food and FurrMeals home-cooked pet food

Recent studies support that food diets are better digested by creatures than kibble the research have failed to demonstrate the ingredients when they’re cooked, and any difference in digestibility between the raw ingredients.

1. Researchers found that raw and cooked diets both have higher digestibility for proteins than kibble (extruded diets).

2. Another study on domestic dogs also found considerably greater digestibility of raw food diets, in contrast to kibble (extruded diets), also in precisely the same research there was no significant difference in digestibility between the feeding of these raw ingredients before and after it was cooked.

3. Health risks that have been associated with diets include concerns to animals, and the general public health:

Total and Balanced: lots of studies have revealed significant concerns about nutritional imbalances when uncooked are not formulated correctly.

4. FurrMeals Healthy Dog Food supplier in Delhi diets are complete and balanced and have experienced feeding trials.

5. Most meats used in commercial raw diets might not be handled correctly, thus they can acquire bacterial contamination in the hide, feathers, slaughter, evisceration, or processing and packaging.

6. FurrMeals Healthy Dog Food supplier in Delhi only uses gently cooked ingredients in their recipes.

Potential GI injury. According to some nutritionists, raw diets can contain bones which were implicated in risks to those pets that consume them, such as tooth fractures, trauma, and perforation of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, or colon.


FurrMeals gives your pet complete and balanced nutrition. Made by hand in small batches and cooked gently to retain its nutritional value, each meal is 100% human grade with no artificial additives, by-products, fillers, and preservatives. Complimented with Pet Fed Award 2018 for the most innovative concept in Pet Chef Category FurrMeals is leading the industry. Dial +91 97173 64906 for doorstep delivery. 
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